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Today Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn is remembered only by people who are engaged in history of cars. 28 cars were produced in total. It is important to say that the convertible was produced only about six years, in the period from 1949 to 1955. That is, in fact, about this model from the past safely forgotten almost everything, except for the company Rolls-Royce.
The international launch of the Rolls-Royce Silver was a world event in its own right, but it also marked a milestone a renaissance for the company as a whole.
A flexible assembly system, designed to accommodate hand-built production, allows Crewe craftsmen to create technically advanced motor cars with absolute precision and to tailor each one to the requirements of an individual owner, using processes unique in the automotive industry.
For the first time in the company's history, engineering of new bodies is carried out at Crewe. Substantial investment also in sophisticated woodcraft technology allows Crewe craftsmen to apply rich veneers to the complex curved surfaces of the motor cars' interiors.
On completion of the hand-crafted production process, every individual motor car built at Crewe is meticulously inspected and dynamically tested to ensure it meets the highest standards in the world.

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