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The company Skoda introduced to the market a well-known compact car Citigo, which received a modern electric engine. The Citigo e iV versions represents the progressive advances

Remind, that the concept of Volkswagen I. D. was shown in september last year. It is based on

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that upcoming, all-new Tesla Roadster after a full battery charge should offer

With backing Geely Automobile the British car maker announced the all-electric Type 130. Shown only in a teaser
At the beginning of the year, the company introduced the debut version of the electric crossover Infiniti QX Inspiration. Infiniti will
The company announced some details of the new Audi E-Tron Electric Crossover. The Crossover would likely be mechanically identical to
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The hero of the fantastic film Tony Stark came to the world premiere of the film the Avengers, using as a personal car
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It is a joint project of Genesis design studios in Europe (Germany), Asia (South Korea) and North America (USA). Compact, painted
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Chinese brand Aiways introduced a new model U7. The engine will be borrowed from the previous model U5. It is assumed one electric
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Kia showed the concept of Kia HabaNiro which plans to release a fully electric car. The HabaNiro is a all-wheel drive electric vehicle with two
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The model, from Alfa Romeo SUV, is the first compact crossover, and its first plug-in hybrid motor. The machine will be serial only
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The Vision iV electric car will be a pre-production sample, ready to launch at 70–80%. The new chief designer Oliver Stefani did everything in