Plans for the near future from Cadillac is to keep up with the times and begin production of top models of the brand with 

Hyundai has prepared a new all-wheel drive car i30N. The new model is tested before starting

Car giant Skoda has released a teaser of the updated Superb. It is known that the new car will receive

Chevrolet introduced an updated Camaro with a V8 engine, 6.2-liter and 455 horsepower. The updates are prepared taking into

Lykan HyperSport-lebanese hypercar, limited production.
Seven copies of the hypercar were

The head of the Russian investment Fund Alpha Robotics Venture announced the beginning of work on the creation of a new electric car based on

The first sports car with index 917 was produced 50 years ago, in 1969. In memory of this event, Porsche will make a special concept –

The new representative Cabrio in Russia is presented. Only three cars were produced. The all-wheel drive version is equipped with
The Bugatti Chiron Sport debuted at the beginning of this year's in New York Auto Show. For power engine will be offered
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Mercedes has announced the start of electrification of all AMG vehicles since 2021. And what is the engine will be host
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The new roofless vehicle will be named Volante. The cabriolet has the same striking appearance as the coupe with
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The Hyundai Sonata is built on a modular third-generation platform with all-wheel drive, with over 275 horsepower

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BYD Presents Concept E-SEED GT. The car is equipped with an all-wheel drive powertrain and
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Subaru continues to update the lineup. The new Subaru Legacy will be available in two versions. 2.5-liter four-cylinder
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Nissan GT-R celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. The first Skyline GT-R was exclusive to Japan, but today is very popular car brand all
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Debuting at the New York Auto Show Toyota Highlander fourth generation grew in size(4950), improved and visually matured. Power units were
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The automotive giant is interested in building a high-performance and very faster car in 2019, on the mazda 3 platform. Mazda has already

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Wuhan Grove Hydrogen Automobile Co. showed her first car — the concept of a hydrogen car under the title Grove. All exterior body panels are
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As you’ve probably gathered, Audi's engineers plans to release a new version of the electric car by 2023, which will compete with